Attached Lid Nestable Totes

attached lid nestable totes

Attached Lid Nestable Totes from Plastic Pallet & Container can be vital to an organization’s efficiency, making storage and distribution simple. Improve your company’s performance with durable, plastic totes from Plastic Pallet & Container.

Model NumberOutside DimensionsProduct ClearanceVolume Cu. Ft.
PALC 2012-0719.611.876.30.53
PALC 2115-0921.915.
PALC 2115-1221.915.212.8111.7
PALC 2115-1721.915.
PALC 2213-1222.4131311.81.4
PALC 2420-1223.819.212.5112.4
PALC 2515-1424.514.913.812.32.2
PALC 2717-1227.216.612.5112.5
PALC 2820-1528.120.7515.6143.8


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