Straight Wall Totes


Plastic Pallet & Container’s Straight Wall Totes for manufacturing are available in multiple sizes and compatible with other Totes, as well as the the 48” x 45” AIAG pallet system, to optimize your packaging system.

* Denotes Minimum Quantity Required

Model NumberOutside DimensionsProduct ClearanceVolume Cu. Ft.
RSO1207-5 127.554.50.13
RSO1215-5 121554.40.32
RSO1215-7 12157.56.80.56
RSO1408-7 13.66.756.756.50.2
RSO2415-5 241554.40.72
RSO2415-7 24157.56.81.09
RSO2415-9 24159.58.81.42
RSO2415-11 *24151110.41.67
RSO2415-14 *241514.513.82.2
RSO2422-7 *2422.
RSO2422-11 2422.51110.42.56
RSO2422-14 *2422.514.513.83.5


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