About Plastic Pallet and Container

solar-warehouseA Business is Born

Plastic Pallet and Container was founded in Hudson, Ohio in 1997 by Martin Ackerman. A lifelong salesman with a full career already under his belt, Marty saw an opportunity to transition his passion for sales and his extensive knowledge of plastics manufacturing into the shipping and warehousing industry. He worked tirelessly to grow the business into a leading source not only for plastic pallets and later, plastic containers, but also for information and guidance to his customers in what was then a fledgling field.

As the business grew, Marty’s son David joined the team in 2003. The collaboration allowed the company to extend its personal touch from their headquarters in northeast Ohio across the state to Cincinnati. Dave immersed himself in the role, absorbing any available information on current products, various manufacturing techniques, and the full realm of possibilities for custom applications.

More Than Just Plastic Pallets

Over the following decade, Marty and Dave continued to grow the business, while keeping abreast of the latest products and technologies. This constant learning allowed them to educate their customers on finding the right product for their need. It also allowed the catalog of products available from Plastic Pallet and Container to grow from a few plastic pallets and bulk bins to the complete range of nestable, stackable, rackable, and custom pallets made by a wide variety of domestic manufacturers as well as standard, custom, and refurbished bulk bins, handheld totes in a variety of styles, and warehouse safety products like speed bumps and bollard covers!

The Legacy Continues

In order to maintain the personal touch that sets Plastic Pallet and Container apart from other suppliers, Dave’s younger brother Jon joined the family business in 2013. Jon’s education and background in administration allowed Dave and Marty to focus on customers. This effective balance of talents is what we run on today. Dave and Jon continue to operate the business as their father taught them; building quality relationships with suppliers and giving personal attention to a growing number of customers. In 2015 Marty decided to ease into retirement by taking on more of an advisory role for his sons. A position he is still getting used to.

We understand every company has its own unique requirements for shipping and storage. That is why Plastic Pallet & Container offers a choice of products designed for a variety of applications.

Selecting the best pallet, container, or tote for your application can be challenging, but we can help. Send your requirements and we will respond with suggestions. Let us help you find cost-effective solutions to your shipping and warehousing challenges.