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Are All Plastic Pallets the Same?

Are all plastic pallets the same?

In a word: “no.”

Different Pallets for Different Applications

are all plastic pallets the same Plastic pallets are typically made using a mold that has been custom-designed for a specific application, and they typically are made for a specific application or purpose. Plastic pallets generally fall into one of three categories, Nestable, Stackable, or Rackable. Identifying the right pallet for your job is the necessary first step to taking advantage of all plastic pallets have to offer. Do it right and realize a return on your investment; do it wrong and waste time, money, product, and maybe customers.

For example, if you have a load of frozen meat that you want to store on an open beam rack in sub zero temperatures you would not want to use a nestable or export plastic pallet because it would not hold up to the rigors of the application.

Conversely, you would not want to use a heavy duty rackable pallet to ship bags of potato chips internationally because it would not make sense financially as the rackable pallet would be many times the cost of a nestable plastic pallet.

Plastic Pallet & Container Helps You Find the Right Pallet!

Determining what pallet is going to work best for your application is one of the things that Plastic Pallet & Container does best. With over 35 years of combined experience with plastic pallets, we have a good idea of how a plastic pallet is going to perform in certain industries and applications. For that reason, we often ask a number of qualifying questions to our customers so we can get a full picture of how the plastic pallet is going to be used.

Give us a call today and let us run you through the gauntlet. You’ll come out the other side wiser and with the right pallet!

Next time I’ll discuss the many different attributes of these three different styles of plastic pallets.

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