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When Standard Sizes Just Don’t Fit: Custom Pallets!

When Standard Sizes Just Don’t Fit:


Custom Plastic Pallets!

By now you know about molded plastic pallets in all their forms (nestable, stackable, and rackable) and functions (export shipping, closed-loop use, racking, etc.). Quite often however, a need arises for a plastic pallet that is not available in a standard molded size. Constructing a pallet mold is cost prohibitive for most of our customers. Fortunately, custom plastic pallets have been available from Plastic Pallet & Container for more than 20 years, and there have been some positive advances over that time. Continue reading When Standard Sizes Just Don’t Fit: Custom Pallets!

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Rackable Plastic Pallet Attributes

rackable palletAttributes of Rackable Plastic Pallets

Rackable plastic pallets, unlike nestable pallets and stackable pallets, have 2 primary attributes: intended racking type and rackable load capacity. Rackable load capacity is simply how much weight the pallet can hold when placed in a rack. The type of rack used can have a major impact on pallet performance.

Continue reading Rackable Plastic Pallet Attributes

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Stackable Pallet Attributes

Stackable Pallet Attributes

All rackable pallets are stackable, but not all stackable pallets are rackable.

Probably the biggest misconception when looking at a stackable pallet is that it is the same as a rackable pallet. This confusion may stem from the fact that all rackable pallets are stackable but not all stackable pallets are rackable. Continue reading Stackable Pallet Attributes

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Nestable Plastic Pallets Attributes

In our last post we discussed the three different styles of plastic pallets: nestable, rackable, and stackable. In today’s post we will explore the attributes of nestable plastic pallets, which are typically made utilizing a nine leg design with nine corresponding recesses in the top deck of the pallet to accommodate the feet of the next pallet allowing them to “nest” together when empty. Continue reading Nestable Plastic Pallets Attributes

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Custom Plastic Pallets for Specialty Applications

custom plastic pallet mattress

custom plastic pallet mattressCustom Plastic Pallets in PVC or Plastic Lumber

Plastic Pallet & Container offers custom plastic pallets in any size for specialty applications. Mattress manufacturers and distributors benefit from the naturally fire resistant PVC plastic pallet that can be built to meet the unique footprint requirements of various mattress sizes.

Plastic Lumber Pallets are also available for applications requiring a more robust custom plastic pallet. Like PVC, Plastic Lumber can be used to construct a plastic pallet to fit the unique requirements of any industry, such as tire manufacturers and steel coil producers.


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Warehouse Products for Improved Safety and Visibility

bollard covers

The Warehouse Products below can enhance safety conditions for Employees and Customers.

Plastic Pallet and Container offers more than a wide range of reusable shipping products like nestable, stackable, and rackable pallets, and plastic bulk bins and totes. We also offer a comprehensive set of warehouse products for added safety and visibility in and around the warehouse.

bollard covers

Bollard Covers are available in a range of standard colors, with custom colors also available. Flexible Bollards and temporary bollards may be a good fit for high traffic applications and special events.


Clearance GuardParking BlocksClearance Guards are available from Plastic Pallet and Container to improve vehicle safety in the warehouse and garage, while Plastic Speed Bumps, Column Protectors, and Parking Blocks improve safety in the parking lot.

Perhaps we should consider changing our name to Plastic Pallet & Container & Bollard Covers & Clearance Guards & Speed Bumps & Column Protectors & Parking Blocks. It’s got a nice ring to it.

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Featured Product – Refurbished Containers

Refurbished Containers:Lg-MACX-Solid-Blue-LS-Bin

Plastic Pallet & Container is pleased to offer used and refurbished containers to save on cost when factory fresh containers are not required. Our reconditioned containers are inspected, cleaned and repaired (if necessary), and missing parts are replaced. They are guaranteed against defect, although color variations and cosmetic imperfections should be expected. A wide range of sizes are available. Contact our sales team today for price and availability.

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Video: Heavy Duty Plastic Pallet

Heavy Duty Plastic Pallet

The punishment these pallets are put through in the video below graphically shows just how tough a heavy duty plastic pallet can be!

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Custom Plastic Pallets and Containers

Custom Plastic Pallets and Containers the Perfect Fit!

Can’t find what you need in stock sizes? Plastic Pallet & Container offers custom plastic pallets and containers. Made-to-order, custom-sized plastic pallets are available in both PVC and Plastic Lumber.

Custom Plastic Pallets and Containers

PVC pallets can be made with or without a perimeter lip. Smooth deck and textured deck options are also available.

Custom Plastic Pallets and Containers

Plastic Lumber Pallets are also made to order with dimensional plastic lumber. Plastic lumber pallets are constructed to meet customer specified load requirements.

Fast Lock Custom Pallet

Another type of custom plastic pallet available from Plastic Pallet & Container is the Fast Lock Pallet. This is more of a semi-custom pallet as it is constructed in 12″x40″ sections that can snap together to form a plastic pallet 40″ wide by up to 96″ long. When not in use the sections easily disassemble and nest together to save floor space.

Custom Plastic Pallets and ContainersWe also have the ability to design and construct custom containers with a variety of accessories including removable or drop doors, bulkhead drains, casters and a variety of other options.

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Plastic Pallet Styles Defined – Rackable, Stackable, and Nestable

plastic palletsSo What’s the Difference between Rackable, Stackable, and Nestable Plastic Pallets?

Customers choose to use plastic pallets for a variety of reasons. The benefits of plastic pallets over wood are many and include durability, cleanliness, sustainability, and long-term cost savings. While it may be a simple decision to use plastic pallets, the choice of which plastic pallet to use requires deliberation.

Plastic Pallet Styles Defined: Rackable, Stackable, and Nestable plastic pallets. Each style is designed to serve a general use or function.

What are Rackable Pallets

rackable pallet
Rackable Pallets

Simply put, Rackable pallets are designed to be used in pallet racks. Whether the pallet rack is a fully-supported open-beam rack, a push-back rack, an edge rack, or a wire mesh rack.


What are Stackable Pallets

Stackable Pallets

Stackable pallets are designed to allow palletized product to be stacked, saving valuable floor space. Stackable pallets are relatively lightweight and can sometimes be “created” as needed by quickly and easily adding runners to the bottom of some of our nestable pallets. Stackable pallets need to be fully supported, and are therefore not intended to be used in racking systems other than a wire mesh rack.


What are Nestable Pallets

Nestable Pallets

Nestable pallets are designed to nest in stacks when empty, saving valuable floor space when not in use, and saving valuable freight space when shipping empty pallets. Lightweight nestable pallets are the perfect export and one-way shipping solution.

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Easily Identify the Right Tote for the Job

Collapsible Tote Table
Collapsible Tote Table
Easy to find the right size.
Then Click to Quote!

Introducing the new quick link tables for Plastic Totes!

Now you can easily identify the right tote for the job, and with a few clicks, get a customized quote!

Straight Wall Totes and Nestable Totes are just as easy to find.

Plastic Pallet and Container has worked hard to create our new website. We hope our efforts have resulted in a more user-friendly solution to finding the right product to fit your needs. All of our products can be entered into a cart for a customized quote sent directly to you from one of our sales representatives.

Not sure of your needs? Just fill out our brief questionnaire and we will help you find the right size solution to all of your shipping and warehousing needs.