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Custom Plastic Pallets and Containers

Custom Plastic Pallets and Containers the Perfect Fit!

Can’t find what you need in stock sizes? Plastic Pallet & Container offers custom plastic pallets and containers. Made-to-order, custom-sized plastic pallets are available in both PVC and Plastic Lumber.

Custom Plastic Pallets and Containers

PVC pallets can be made with or without a perimeter lip. Smooth deck and textured deck options are also available.

Custom Plastic Pallets and Containers

Plastic Lumber Pallets are also made to order with dimensional plastic lumber. Plastic lumber pallets are constructed to meet customer specified load requirements.

Fast Lock Custom Pallet

Another type of custom plastic pallet available from Plastic Pallet & Container is the Fast Lock Pallet. This is more of a semi-custom pallet as it is constructed in 12″x40″ sections that can snap together to form a plastic pallet 40″ wide by up to 96″ long. When not in use the sections easily disassemble and nest together to save floor space.

Custom Plastic Pallets and ContainersWe also have the ability to design and construct custom containers with a variety of accessories including removable or drop doors, bulkhead drains, casters and a variety of other options.

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