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Plastic Pallet Styles Defined – Rackable, Stackable, and Nestable

plastic palletsSo What’s the Difference between Rackable, Stackable, and Nestable Plastic Pallets?

Customers choose to use plastic pallets for a variety of reasons. The benefits of plastic pallets over wood are many and include durability, cleanliness, sustainability, and long-term cost savings. While it may be a simple decision to use plastic pallets, the choice of which plastic pallet to use requires deliberation.

Plastic Pallet Styles Defined: Rackable, Stackable, and Nestable plastic pallets. Each style is designed to serve a general use or function.

What are Rackable Pallets

rackable pallet
Rackable Pallets

Simply put, Rackable pallets are designed to be used in pallet racks. Whether the pallet rack is a fully-supported open-beam rack, a push-back rack, an edge rack, or a wire mesh rack.


What are Stackable Pallets

Stackable Pallets

Stackable pallets are designed to allow palletized product to be stacked, saving valuable floor space. Stackable pallets are relatively lightweight and can sometimes be “created” as needed by quickly and easily adding runners to the bottom of some of our nestable pallets. Stackable pallets need to be fully supported, and are therefore not intended to be used in racking systems other than a wire mesh rack.


What are Nestable Pallets

Nestable Pallets

Nestable pallets are designed to nest in stacks when empty, saving valuable floor space when not in use, and saving valuable freight space when shipping empty pallets. Lightweight nestable pallets are the perfect export and one-way shipping solution.

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