Flexible Bollard

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Flexible Bollards are an ideal alternative to parking blocks. They can also be used as Vehicle Lane Markers and can help to safely guide traffic. Flexible Bollards have 360 degrees of flexibility and can delineate when hit at speeds. Because of its flexibility, this bollard eliminates replacement costs and damage to parking lot surfaces as well as unnecessary vehicle damage.


  • 9.5” square 7 Gauge Standard Steel Base Plate
  • Steel 1-5/8” Round Galvanized Post
  • 52” x 7” Polyethylene Bollard
  • Overall Height Stands 52” Tall with 3M Reflective Tape
  • Mounting Hardware included for Either Concrete, Asphalt or Natural Ground Surfaces
  • Bollard Colors: Red, Orange Yellow, Blue, White, Gray, Light Gray, Brown
  • Reflective Tape Colors: Red, Orange Yellow, Blue, Black, Green and White

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