Stackable Pallet GRU-4848-ST

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The GRU-4848-ST Stackable Drum Pallet is ideal for shipping larger items such as drums or super sacks. This square drum pallet can handle four 55-gallon drums easily. Complete specifications are available in the “Additional Information” tab.

The GRU-4848-ST pallet is available in two grades of resin, B-grade and C-grade. B-grade resin is more resilient to impact damage and durable enough for longer service in a closed-loop or in-house application. C-grade resin is less expensive and ideal for use in one-way or export applications. If you are looking for a nestable 48×48 pallet, checkout the GRU-4848.


Additional information

Weight42 lbs
Dimensions48 x 48 x 6 in
Plastic Pallet Dynamic Load Ratings

4000 lbs.

Plastic Pallet Static Load Rating

20,000 lbs.


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