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Stackable Pallet Attributes

Stackable Pallet Attributes

All rackable pallets are stackable, but not all stackable pallets are rackable.

Probably the biggest misconception when looking at a stackable pallet is that it is the same as a rackable pallet. This confusion may stem from the fact that all rackable pallets are stackable but not all stackable pallets are rackable.

A stackable plastic pallet is appropriate for applications that require double or triple stacking for shipping or storage. Often a nestable plastic pallet does not work because the feet of the nestable pallet can puncture or damage the product it is stacked upon.

Stackable plastic pallets are available in a number of support configurations including 3-runner, picture frame, and cruciform bases.  

3-Runner Base

3-runner stackable palletA 3-runner stackable pallet is, as the name suggests, is a pallet with three runners on the bottom. These are most popular in applications where the pallets are being moved predominantly with a pallet jack, as the runners allow a clear path for the rolling forks. The 3-runner pallet is that it is often less expensive than a pallet with a cruciform or picture frame base. 3-runners offer the added benefit of replaceable runners if one is broken.  3-runner pallets are available in all of our custom plastic pallets as well as many of our nestable pallets including our DA-4840, GRS-Nest and several of our CPP pallets.  

Picture Frame Base

picture frame stackable pallet

A picture frame stackable pallet has a base that encompasses its perimeter.  This may include a center runner as well, making it a 5-runner pallet compared to a 4-runner.  The biggest difference between the two is load capacity and decreased deflection of the load. Some rackable pallets will also have this configuration.



Cruciform Base

cruciform base stackable palletA 6-rail or cruciform base stackable pallet is the the most stable and supportive of all stackable plastic pallets. A cruciform base pallet can disperse its load more evenly, which reduces the chance of damage to the pallet load beneath it. Our most popular stackable pallet with the cruciform base is the GPI-4840 pallet. This injection molded pallet nests together when unassembled, and utilizes a patented design featuring small, cupped feet that snap together giving the pallet tremendous support and strength when fully assembled.

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