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Warehouse Products for Improved Safety and Visibility

bollard covers

The Warehouse Products below can enhance safety conditions for Employees and Customers.

Plastic Pallet and Container offers more than a wide range of reusable shipping products like nestable, stackable, and rackable pallets, and plastic bulk bins and totes. We also offer a comprehensive set of warehouse products for added safety and visibility in and around the warehouse.

bollard covers

Bollard Covers are available in a range of standard colors, with custom colors also available. Flexible Bollards and temporary bollards may be a good fit for high traffic applications and special events.


Clearance GuardParking BlocksClearance Guards are available from Plastic Pallet and Container to improve vehicle safety in the warehouse and garage, while Plastic Speed Bumps, Column Protectors, and Parking Blocks improve safety in the parking lot.

Perhaps we should consider changing our name to Plastic Pallet & Container & Bollard Covers & Clearance Guards & Speed Bumps & Column Protectors & Parking Blocks. It’s got a nice ring to it.

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