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When Standard Sizes Just Don’t Fit: Custom Pallets!

When Standard Sizes Just Don’t Fit:


Custom Plastic Pallets!

By now you know about molded plastic pallets in all their forms (nestable, stackable, and rackable) and functions (export shipping, closed-loop use, racking, etc.). Quite often however, a need arises for a plastic pallet that is not available in a standard molded size. Constructing a pallet mold is cost prohibitive for most of our customers. Fortunately, custom plastic pallets have been available from Plastic Pallet & Container for more than 20 years, and there have been some positive advances over that time.

In the beginning…

A mixture of plastic scrap was melted and extruded into solid plastic dimensional lumber such as 2x4s and 1x6s. These boards were then cut to size and screwed together with the end product resembling a wood pallet in design.
One benefit of this process is that we can make a pallet in just about any size that is needed. Additionally, solid plastic lumber pallets can handle incredible loads as well as impact from forklifts and other machines that would ordinarily destroy or seriously damage a molded plastic pallet.

deflectionBut, there were drawbacks

Solid plastic lumber, while incredibly strong, allows an unacceptable amount of deflection when heavy loads are inadequately supported; in open beam racks, for example. To solve this issue we now offer new options that allow racking with custom plastic pallets.

And Solutions!

Hybrid Custom Plastic Pallet
Hybrid Pallet with aluminum runners

One such solution is a hybrid pallet that uses hollow plastic extrusions with aluminum runners. Another option is to use solid plastic lumber extrusions with long strands of embedded fiberglass creating an extremely rigid board. These composite boards are incredibly durable, but they can also be very heavy depending on the size of the components being used.


Heavy Duty custom plastic pallet
This pallet uses 4×4 stringers and 2×6 deck boards creating a custom plastic pallet that can handle loads in excess of 3,500 lbs without deflection!

In addition to the solid plastic lumber pallets, we also supply a custom plastic pallet manufactured with RPVC extrusions. These hollow components utilize an internal ribbing structure for increased rigidity in a lightweight plastic material.

RPVC custom plastic pallet
Lightweight, Strong, and Durable RPVC pallet

Custom RPVC pallets are customizable beyond size and capacity. Deck boards are available in three different surfaces: smooth, anti-slip, or rubberized for increased slip resistance. An optional 1” perimeter lip can also be added, if necessary for the application.

All these options give our customers the ability to have a durable, sanitary plastic pallet that meets their specific requirements. In addition, all of these pallets are made from 100% recycled plastic and can themselves be recycled. Perhaps the biggest benefit of these custom plastic pallets is that if for some reason a deck board or stringer is damaged during use, it can be replaced easily at a significant cost savings compared to replacing an full pallet.

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